Sunday, 9 June 2013

(ART) From this day forward; The Journey. Part 1.

Hey all,

So after my last deviantART journal of feeling hopeless with my art I've decided to take it back to the beginning.  "From this day forward; The Journey."

I've decided to rather than continue with a same old same old none progression path...  That I should start over, digital and traditional sketching...  Trying different techniques and perhaps even mediums...  so going to create an "art journal" out of an altered book!!

Along side with new art books, magazines and perhaps even and "ImagineFX" subscription - maybe.

Going to save towards getting a cintiqu 13HD...  Anyone got a personal review?  So far everything's singing and dancing however the screen/colour is a little "dull" and not monitor bright (apparently) but amazing for the price.  But generally purchasing such an item (despite it's extreme reasonable cost!) that won't be for a long long time based on lack of income, finances which seem to be higher with each bill, family events I have to attend this summer and continuing the work being done on my home not to mention the medical stuff with my hip grr.

Anyways there's a lot going on for me at the moment, so I won't keep you.

Imogen x

Ps. Yes I will still be doing my crafting, I want to get back into doing my YouTube videos...  lot has been happening as mentioned and it's just finding the time for creating & filming etc.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dr Who Aniversary Theory - Imogen Cane

I have a theory... That the 50th Ani is gunna be of the time war and that John Hurt is gunna play the part of the Dr in The Great Time war. That Matt Smith is stuck in his past and with out TARDIS he needs parallel universe David Tennant to help him.

If you listen and look. Matt is clearly horrorfied to see John Hurt thus Matt smith must know who he is and mean he's from the past and not future Dr Timeline. ... That being said the only two real places someone would fit is at the beginning before Dr Who OR during the time war (makes most sense). See... Matt says that John Hurt didn't do it in the name of the Dr and broke the promise. Thoughts...

Promise - to never tell your real name to anyone, other than the one of whom you're betroved (River Song).

Also Matt says that "he is me" confirming John Hurt as The Doctor and then states "he didn't do it in the name of The Doctor". - Further theory... If you take it litterally then "Doctor"; man of science, healer, defeater, deffender... what does Doctor mean?? Generally good!! He always gives a choice and too many chances even to his worse enemies.. But.. That's not what we know to have happened in The Time War... Where The Time Lords were going to destroy all of time and space, and so the Doctor (who didn't/couldn't give them a choice) destroyed the Time Lords in the Time War... which... Could mean... that The Master AND The Time Lords may be in the 50th along with every known creature from the Time War, John Hurt, Matt Smith, David Tennant and??? (Apparently Captain Jack) could quite possibly be in the 50th Anniversary IF they do The Time War.

It's all kinda there.
Matt Knows John Hurt's Character.
John Hurt is introduced as The Doctor but not what The Doctor stands for (literal meaning).

...Further theory... (Oh god Imogen get a life) that quite possibly if Paul McGann's Doctor was aged about 40ish (human years) then to grow into an old man John Hurt before the regeneration into Christopher Eccleston could be possible, no?? Thus making Chris the 9th, Tennant the 10th and Matt the 11th and no numbers are put out of joint... because it's simple an older age Time War version of the 8th Dr who would be ages I don't know 73ish (human years). If you look at John Hurts clothing. Worn, down, torn, unkept... almost tramp like...

~Just my theory. I could be wrong. I really hope if they do do the Time War, they don't boycot it into short not as epic hour and a half episode. I think... If they were to do it possibly a 2 hour epissode on 23rd November which is then TO BE CONTINUED on 25th December which as the Christmas special would also include the next Generation of The Doctor and seeing Matt Turn into?????????? Who knows... ~ But... I am dissapointed with this last series and really hope they're saving the goods for 50th Anniversary. While Moffat's twists are good I do love our Mr R.T.Davis!!

Ps. No we still don't know "The Doctors real name". -lol.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Video: Altered Alphabet Letter "I"

So I had this letter "I" and I wanted to alter it to make it more my own and personal.  So I've done it in pink, black, white, silver and green and I hope you like it :D ~ Imogen xX

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Tutorial: Paper to Faux Metal - Embossing!!

Hello everyone, it's Imogen I thought I might share this technique with you in the form of a tutorial.  I have no idea if this idea is claimed by anyone else.  I just thought it might be an interesting technique as it worked well on metal keys to create a tarnished effect that it might work to turn cardstock/paper into a more metal feel as I wanted to create a wrought iron look.  Success.  Since this worked well I thought I'd share it with you all, hope it helps :)

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Video: Two Pin Pot Cushions - Available For Commission.

Hey everyone,

So I was asked if I could make a pin cushion for a friend the other week, but she didn't expect to get what I made for her (see brown vintage influenced pincushion in video below).  While I was at it I made myself a pincushion so I no longer have to lose my really good sewing needles hehe.  

I also thought it might be worth a mention that I can be commissioned to make these pot pincushions.  Of course in any colour(s) and using what ever embellies and such while stocks lase.  Princes will be based on products used and time to make etc.  Please note I'm in the UK so additional expense on top of original P&P will be required for outside UK mainland and Scottish Isles.

Imogen xX

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Terri's Monochrome Altered Box By Me


Ok ok, so the time has come in which I have finished Terri's box, and she has it :) Thus I can share what I've been oh so busy working on this past week or so (ok I've done other things too).

I have done an altered box, she bought it and I altered it.  She requested I tried to do a tutorial on it.. and what a kerfuffle that was...  So I've done that and a matching tag to go with the box.  I made this into 3 videos.  A shorter version which is me showing the finished box and explaining beifly what I did with the box and a much longer sped up walkthrough version/tutorial of what with the box and I did a video just on the tag.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.

(Long Version - Over 45minutes):

(Short Version - Under 13minutes):

(Tag Video):

~ YouTube @

Saturday, 30 March 2013

myHerms UK Courier Service Review

On a Facebook group I am a part of we have recently been having conversations about the insane increase of Royal Mail prices.  In addition we discussed about some alternative postal methods when I purchased a heave load of broken and used costume jewellery and junk from eBay the seller was using one of the services to ship her items.  As this was one of the services me and the other ladies in the group had been chatting about I decided I would write a personal review on myHermes courier service;

So my items were shipped on Thursday (28th March 2013) morning, though the seller said guaranteed with in 2 days (but some times can take up to 5).  My items arrived about half hour ago (about 2.45pm)...  Today is Saturday (30th March 2013) .  Which isn't bad at all in my opinion. 

The weight of the box vs the price and speed out did Royal Mail ten-fold.  Impressed.

Though their tracking information was difficult to decipher and there was nothing on their website when trying to find out what things meant as there was no "Your item is in London" (for example) just "Arrived at depot" ...where?  Additionally there was no information on delivery times and days thought when I contacted them via their facebook page they were only too happy to say they deliver between 7am-9pm Monday-Saturday including some but not all bank holidays (such as Good Friday but not Easter Monday). 

Anyways upon trying to google to find out what their tracking information meant all I could find was 100's if not 1000's of negative reviews, complaints and problems...  Which had I have been looking in to the service as a seller would have really really put me off.  Especially when it comes to fragile items as there's no real cover, compensation or protection for lost, broken, stolen or generally damaged items, it would also seem anything marked fragile is free game for a quick 5 aside football match.  myHermes employees are all self employed people. 

However, regardless of what I have read I just want to say that I am rather pleased with the service enough to consider using them myself!!  My items did arrive with in 2-3 days totally undamaged and as expected.  For the price and service I would definitely recommend to a friend.

I hope this information helps someone especially given all our recent chats about the Royal Mail increase on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 ~ Kind regards Imogen Cane

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Personal Update March 28th 2013

Hey everyone,

Woah it may seem that I'm fairly inactive lately... or perhaps that just my own perception!  But...  I have been busy working on a number of gifts, secrets, suprises and more.  I've just been so super busy that I haven't got any proper projects to show with you because I don't want to ruin suprises for people.

Having said that...  I have started up a new facebook group with Terri and which allows sales, swaps, shows, tells, advertisement... you name it anything crafty goes check it out "Crafty Asylum Institute".  Anyone is welcome, but most first be approved by admin.  We do hope at some point that we'll be looking for additional admin and be able to help and share more with the crafting world.

I honestly don't have much more to say right now.

Anyways I have a whole bundle of free time on my hands at the moment and looking for ideas or challenges... etc... let me know...  hehe...!!  Plus can't wait for my play date with Terri tomorrow hehehehe :D

Imogen xX

 Ps.  Seema if you're reading this so sorry I didn't do the milk bottle challenge...  but a certain someone thought it was rubbish and recycled it on Tuesday before I had chance to finish it :( :( he's now barred from my craft room lols xX Bless him...